Arcade1Up is a brand of Tastemakers, LLC, a US company specializing in the development, production, sale, marketing and distribution of unique and trendy products. Its mission is: to replicate original arcade games to make them accessible to everyone. Polyphoto SpA is the official licensee and sole importer of the Arcade1Up brand for the whole of EMEA (excluding the Arabian peninsula).

Arcade1Up always looks to the next level

Arcade1Up has won the trust of millions of players like you. In 2018, two months after its birth, it was already mentioned in the New York Times and in 2019 it was awarded as "Toy of the Year" and began to add many new licenses to expand the product range. In 2020, Arcade1Up reaches one million units sold and starts distributing digital pinball machines and a new way to play: Infinity Tables and Countercades. Even TV shows of the caliber of Ellen Degeneres celebrated Arcade1Up which in the meantime in 2021 had exceeded 2 million pieces sold. Having reached 3 million in 2022, collaborations with world-famous artists and athletes culminate with Shaquille O'Neal and the agreement with Universal Studios for the launch of the Fast & Furious cabinet at the turn of the release of the two films in the saga .

Add a retro touch to your rooms

Characterized by an attractive layout, Arcade1Up products expand the boundaries of gaming, becoming real objects of furniture and entertainment. If you buy a cabinet you can boast of having in your living room, or in your office, an authentic Cabinet Arcade of the arcades of the past.

Arcade1Up & Shaquille O'Neal


Arcade1Up teamed up with the one and only Shaquille O'Neal to create NBA JAM™: SHAQ EDITION. The arcade is one of a kind and stands 170cm tall with a 19'' screen. The first Arcade in the NBA Jam line!

Transportable cabin cruisers, where and when you want

Here are the Countercades

For those who want to move the fun to different parts of the house, Arcade1Up has created the Countercade. Real table cabinets, easy to transport wherever you want.

Here come the Chouchcade!

The space-saving arcade

Even on a smaller scale, Arcade1Up doesn't give up on fun! If you're short on space, the new couchcades are for you. Enjoy arcade masterpieces straight from your sofa!

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Polyphoto SpA

PolyPhoto SpA is an Italian company founded in 1959, leader in the resale of high quality electronic products. Born from an entrepreneurial idea of ​​Dr. Alessandro Pirera in 1959, Polyphoto is today a SpA with entirely Italian capital whose business management continues to be family-run.


Born as Polycolor Srl, the family business imports the first German photographic equipment of international importance into Italy, in turn becoming a point of reference on the Italian market. Subsequently, the company's development was strengthened with the introduction of new prestigious Japanese brands such as Olympus (1965) Zenza Bronica (1970) and the Garrard (1972) and Akai (1974) brands were included in the newly formed audio division.


In 1978, following the growth process, the Company changed its name to Polyphoto SpA, concentrating its corporate purpose in photography and, in the years to come, riding the new market trend of Digital Imaging. Important long-term collaborations begin in the early eighties: Leica, Konica, Tamron and Tamrac.


In 2015 new significant collaborations with relevant brands such as Polaroid and Kodak confirm Polyphoto SpA as the primary and authoritative distributor of the Imaging world in the Italian panorama.


Starting from 2020, the evolution of the market and some strategic choices of the property bring on board new leading commercial realities in the Gaming world such as Arcade1Up, CORSAIR and Elgato which allow Polyphoto SpA to expand its product portfolio, becoming a point of reference for everyone European players.

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